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What we do

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First and foremost

Amorim Marine Services first and foremost acts on behalf of customers who require professional assistance in respect of supervision of new buildings, marine consultancy work and inspection of ships.

Amorim Marine Services are used to work with partners in various countries with different cultures where we can offer our services to ship owners, ship managers and ship operators.

At Amorim Marine Services you get access to a highly qualified staff possessing the right qualifications and necessary in-depth experience gained from many years of working in the marine industry. We have extensive hands-on experience from practical work with ships, shipping and management systems.


Amorim Marine Services offer marine consultancy work in areas such as – but not limited to:

  • Planning & supervision of repair projects
  • Regulatory requirements

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Amorim Marine Services also offer the following services ..

1. Special competencies and Surveys - CLICK HERE

2. Conversion/New building/Dry-docking - CLICK HERE

3. Training Courses - CLICK HERE