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Who we are

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Amorim Marine Services staff is officially certified

Amorim Marine Services was founded by Captain Jorgen Victor Amorim, who through the years has possessed a vast amount of experience within the marine industry, particular within the oil tanker and chemical tanker segment.

Background of Jorgen Victor Amorim

He has been working in the shipping industry since 1963 when he joined his first vessel. In 1997 he went ashore after having served seven years as Master and Chief Officer on oil- and chemical tankers in various shipping companies and joined BR Marine A/S – first as a QA Manager, subsequently as a technical superintendent and finally as a Fleet Manager from 2003 until 2005, when he became Technical Manager of Crescent Marine Services A/S.

Work history

In 2007 he joined Maritim Consult Marine as a Senior Marine Surveyor, a position he held until 2009 when he resigned and moved to Brazil in order to concentrate fully on managing Amorim Marine Services.

His work experience includes – among others – supervision of new buildings (oil- and chemical tankers) in Turkey and Korea as well as converting a general cargo vessel to a highly specialized chemical tanker for the carriage of hydrochloric acid.

Since 2007 he has primarily been involved in technical inspections of various types of vessels, such as oil tankers, chemical tankers, general cargo ships, reefer ships and bulk carriers. This has given him a deep insight in practical areas and issues relating to site supervision, marine consultancy work, ship management etc.